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mm domain FAQ

(1)The Domain Name Certificate


We don’t give .mm domain cerficate, but you can evidence that you are the owner of your domain by checking the WHOIS info via http://www.mmnic.net.mm/domainchecker.php.


(2) Domain Name Resolution – IP address


You can manage your registered .mm domain with our providing DNS Management Panel such as pointing of .mm domain’ A, MX, TXT etc. ,except from Name Server (NS).


(3) Domain Name Transfer How?


(i) Registrant shall made transfer request to mmNIC(MTG) support together with the new Registrant registration information.

(ii) mmNIC(MTG) will verify the information and process the transfer within 3 working days.

(iii) Registrant has to support Company Registration Certificate Copy and Local Address if they are local company in Myanmar. Or new Registrant has to use a Proxy Service such as Innwa Proxy Services or similar one for the registration on behalf of them, if they do not have local contact address in Myanmar.

(iv)There shall be a fee of 50,000 Ks and domain expiry date shall be extended for one more year after end of current expiry date. And if they have to use ICL proxy service, there shall be another cost for ICL also.

(v) mmNIC (MTG) will inform the new Registrant about the successful transfer within 7 days.

(vi) There will be no refund of proxy fee paid by previous Registrant.

(vii) If the transfer is not approved by MPT for some reasons, mmNIC shall inform the unsuccessful transfer with the reason to new registrant.


(4) Domain Name Registration Provisions


If the domain ordered customer are from oversea.They, need to provide their company registration certificate copy and approval letter from Myanmar Embassy which is located in their country. Otherwise, the domain ordered customer must have Company /subsidiary Company in Local (Myanmar), or the customer would use the Local (Myanmar) Proxy service which have recongnized by Domain Name Registrar.
Currently Innwa Corporation Limited, subsidiary of MyanmarTechnologyGateway Co.,Ltd, has serve as Local Proxy service for domain registration.The proxy service charges for domain registration services will be cost extra $20 USD per domain.You can download the proxy agreement for registration of country level domain on www.mmnic.net.mm/dl.php?type=d&id=2 by logging into mmNIC Client Area.If you wish to use Innwa Corporation as proxy service, please fill the proxy agreement as your requested domain and submit with your company registration certificate.

After that, you can complete your domain order by making payment to our paypal account.
For the domain order and registration, you can use www. mmNIC.net.mm webportal or via email.

But note that the ordered domain name is required to approved by .mm registry, even it's showed available in whois.So, making payment must process after approved by registry.


(5)Which domain name can not be registered



-The Registrant warrants that the Registration of the domain name under the Services does not (i) infringe any third party rights (such as trademark rights, rights to a name, and/ or copyrights); (ii) conduct any illegal activities, including but not limited to spamming, phishing and trading of pirated and illegal merchandise; (iii) infringe any legal regulations of any country.

- The Registrant shall inform ICL immediately in writing by mail, fax or e-mail in the event the registrant and/ or the registration of the domain under the Services is threatened with legal action. In the event of any change in ownership, this Agreement will be void and terminated. A new Agreement will have to be concluded subject to ICL being reappointed the local contact.

-The Registrant shall reply in detail all ICL’s inquiries with respect to the domain name registration under Services by mail, fax or e-mail within 2 working days under normal circumstances. In the event of a legal dispute, ICL reserves the right to shorten the response time.

- The Registrant is responsible for keeping his contact data up-to-date with ICL at all times.

-If the Registrant is not contactable via the contact information provided or the Registrant does not reply to a ICL inquiry within the time limit granted, ICL reserves the right to take all necessary action, in particular to suspend, delete or release the domain due to actual or alleged violations of the law.

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